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$199.00 $299.00 saving $100.00

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Powerful. Compact. Limitless.

Ready to experience something totally different?

Pre-order Includes:

• A pair of KANOA wireless earphones.

• 20 hours of battery life on the go with the KANOA charging case.

• Custom jackets and ear tips for an extremely secure fit.

• High-performance Omni Directional Microphones (one in each earphone).



    Be Free. #CutTheCords

    • Unmatched Ergonomics

      Our custom silicon jackets and memory foam ear tips deliver a secure fit like nothing you've ever experienced before.
    • Beautiful Sound

      Our fine-tuned Balanced Armature Drivers deliver the crisp highs and reverberating lows that you'd expect in a pair of premium earphones.
    • Simple Interface

      With a click of a button you can activate Augmented Audio, Intelligent Assistant, place phone calls and control your music.
    • Solid Connection

      We have what others don't. A solid, reliable, and truly wireless connection that you can depend on.

    Technical Specifications

    Little things that make your experience great.

    Technical Specifications
    • Earphone Battery

      • Listening Time: 4 hrs
      • Calling Time: 1.5 hrs
      • Charge to 80%: 40 mins
      • Charge to 100%: 90 mins
    • Acoustics

      • Audio Codec: CSR Apt-x
      • Driver Type: Hybrid Balanced Armature Driver Frequency Range: 20Hz - 20kHz
      • Speaker Sensitivity: 31dBPa/V at 1kHz
      • Volume, Decibels: Adjustable (Max 115dBSPL)
    • Microphone

      • Mic Type: High-Performance Omni Directional
      • Quantity: 2 (1 per earphone)
    • Case Battery

      • Capacity: 4 charges per pair
      • Charge to 80%: 90 mins
      • Charge to 100%: 120 mins