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What makes us different?  


The current limitations within the wireless industry today include poor connectivity, audio latency, unflattering design, and poor ergonomics.  Due to these major shortcomings, we did something other companies wouldn't dare to do; we designed and engineered KANOA, right here, in the United States.  This allowed us unparalleled insight throughout the entire product development process to ensure that every little detail, no matter how small, is fully developed with the highest-level of care that you'd expect in a pair of wireless earphones.

With this unique mindset, KANOA has solved the fundamental problems limiting the industry today.  Rather than ignoring these issues, we rolled up our sleeves, dived in, and worked painstakingly to find the solutions in an effort to provide you a truly phenomenal wireless experience. We personally tested every material, and every component, to ensure that you receive nothing short of an amazing product. 

We invested an incredible amount of time and energy into the total package of KANOA, and this holds especially true with our revolutionary antenna.  When creating our unique antenna, flawless performance was our top priority.  Because of this, we chose to engineer our antennas right at home, and have solved the main issue hurting other wireless products -- poor connectivity.

With KANOA's unique design, we're able to offer a fully occlusive listening experience.  This keeps sound exactly where you want it -- in your ear.  Other wireless earphones utilize a dynamic coil speaker, similar to a home speaker, and projects loud noise. The dynamic coil speaker was never designed to be in your ear.  Companies continuously utilize this speaker because it is cheap, easily accessible, and offers loud volume.  With poor delivery of audio, coupled with your ear not being fully occluded, this causes you to turn up the volume to compensate for the improper fitment, and can severely damage your ears.

Our fine-tuned balanced armature driver was designed for earphones from the start. With our occlusive design, turning the volume to 50% with KANOA will feel like 100% on most earphones.  This means beautiful uninterrupted sound.  From the crisp highs to the bass-thumping lows, our earphones provide the absolute best musical experience in the safest and most unique experience possible.

KANOA is the premier option that offers truly secure ergonomics, premium sound quality, secure connection, unique styling, and intuitive user controls.  

"We have what other's don't, a solution that addresses all of the issues currently hurting the industry today. "

From the high-level of insight throughout the entire product development process to the commitment in providing you a product that offers the best performance with the features that matter the most, look no further -- for the only pair of wireless earphones you'll ever need.

Say hello to your new best friend.