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What Are You Thankful For?

What Are You Thankful For?

Happy Thanksgiving KANOA Family!

As much as we’d love to spend this holiday season with our families, we still have a lot of work ahead of us.  We’re currently spending our Thanksgiving at KANOA HQ, and though we wish we were eating turkey and stuffing, we’re doing just fine with coffee and donuts.  

Some of you may have noticed that our site is now live. Though it is not 100%, the customer portal should be ready soon.  We are currently cleaning up and updating all of the data in order to provide you a much easier experience when interacting with your account.  

Throughout our journey, one thing has never changed -- the tremendous support we’ve received from all of you.  Creating something exceptional is what KANOA stands for, and we’re grateful that we have a community who feels the same way.  As a small start-up, we value your voice, your patience, and most of all your support.  Every gesture, whether it’s good or bad, fills our journey with memories and makes KANOA that much more unique.

When we first started out, we wanted to create the best wireless earphones in the world.  We made it our mission to provide you just that.  We spent countless hours, missed plenty of special occasions, and skipped more meals than we can honestly remember in order to make our vision into reality.  As consumers, you have the right to own a quality product that not only looks good, but has the performance to match.  We could have easily put together a pair of subpar earphones, but you deserve more from a company. The world deserves innovation, and not just another pair of wireless earphones.  We are working tirelessly to achieve this, and we are glad that you are here with us.

Thank you for understanding what we are trying to accomplish with KANOA.  We wholeheartedly understand that we are given this once in a lifetime opportunity to create something revolutionary that breaks the current barrier in the market.  With your unwavering support, we’re going to do just that.  We are 100% committed to creating a product that is nothing short of amazing.

Everyday we come into work with a purpose.  You may hear this a lot from us; about how we appreciate you guys and how grateful we are, but from the bottom of hearts -- we are.  You inspire us.  You are the reason why we are so motivated every single day.  You are the reason why we don’t quit.  And you are the reason why KANOA will be something great.

Some of our awesome customers who participated in our most recent #KANOAGivesBack Campaign.  Send us a photo of you with the hat, so we can add it to our wall. :)

From everyone here, we hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family.  Know that we have all of you in our thoughts, and are working hard to deliver your pair of KANOA wireless earphones.





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