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The Importance of Beta Testing

The Importance of Beta Testing

We're currently in Beta, which means we are at the final stages of testing before we begin mass production!

In our past update, we discovered an issue regarding the button assembly of KANOA.  Since then, our team of engineers have worked incredibly hard developing a solution to implement into our Beta units.

We're currently putting KANOA to the test -- both in real world situations, as well as in controlled environments. Down below is a short video showcasing the testing process of our new button assembly!

This machine's primary purpose is to apply varying amounts of force (similar to the amount of force a user will apply) to determine if any degradation or damage will occur. 

Here are some of the results, so far, from our tests. The amount of force applied varied anywhere between 2,000-3,000 grams of force. Multiple cycles (button presses) ranged from 4,000, all the way up to 12,000.

With our first unit, we experienced slight sound degradation with 3,000g of force at the 4,000 cycle mark. Our engineers quickly modified the actuator spring within the button and resumed the testing process. Through multiple rounds, there has been no signs of damage -- which is a really awesome sign!

Over the last few weeks, we've had customers come by KANOA HQ to help us with Beta. We wanted to study the user-experience when interacting with KANOA for the very first time.  We're happy to report that the issues we resolved from Alpha, going into Beta, have made a huge difference in performance. Customers are loving our earphones, and can't wait to receive them.

We still have to do some minor cosmetic changes and final technical tweaks, but the hump of creating a product without any major bugs is finally behind us. We can now shift our focus on the finishing touches, and start focusing on an entirely different beast -- manufacturing.

Beta is an extremely important last stage. Similar to test driving a car, our engineers and Beta testers are conducting the final test drive to ensure that the owners (you) will receive something that has been fully developed, tested, and absolutely phenomenal. We can't wait to release next month.  

Thank you so much for being part of the Team! 




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