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Things have been steadily picking up at KANOA HQ, and we're now at a full sprint to the finish line!

Here are some of the key milestones that we’ve accomplished this past week:

- We've secured 100% of the final components and are ready to begin the early stages of production! Our earphones are comprised of 131 individual technological components, and securing a reliable supplier is often one of the most difficult things to do. Without a reliable source of components, scaling up is virtually impossible. To make manufacturing as smooth as possible, we've put in place extensive contracts, with suppliers, to ensure that once we've fully ramped up production - no issues will occur with sourcing necessary components.

- FCC Certification Testing is still taking place and is on-going through an expedited process. The FCC has strict guidelines, and issues are generally brought to light rather quickly - however, no flags have been raised, which is a really good sign.

- The small, medium, and large silicone jackets are in production to accompany final production units. Production of the final packaging is also in the works.

- Our engineers are reviewing and finalizing the manufacturing documentation and will begin training assembly technicians shortly.

With all of the final components sourced and secured we have now begun the early stages of production. This includes: PCB board construction, tooling for plastic parts, and setting up manufacturing logistics. Based on where we're currently at, we're estimating that first units will be coming off the assembly line towards the end of June. 

Since September 2016, we've been keeping all of you informed about KANOA's progress through consistent weekly updates. We have absolutely no intentions of stopping this. Over the next few weeks, KANOA will be shifting from just a prototype to a final product that you can use and enjoy. Exciting weeks are upon us, and we can't wait to show the world what a small start-up company from San Francisco is capable of!

For the most up to date information regarding production and fulfillment, please check our blog every Thursday at 12PM PST. Thank you for being part of the Team.




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