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Preparation at FLEX

Preparation at FLEX

Happy Thursday Team KANOA! This past week, we've been working on the logistics for our final components.  For this weeks update, we gave our followers, on Snapchat and Instagram, live updates of us working at our assembly facility, FLEX San Francisco. 

KANOA charging boards ready for assembly.

Here's a video recapping the footage we shared on social media. The video is optimized for mobile, so if you're using a desktop computer we apologize for the sore neck that you may experience.

Here's a list of what we've accomplished this past week:

- We held a team meeting at FLEX to discuss line layout, preparation, organization, and the overall strategy on how to best manufacture KANOA. 

- The rest of our final components should arrive to FLEX early next week. We are working with different couriers to get the parts delivered A.S.A.P.

- Our team reviewed the charging case and earphone assembly procedure, and the different type of test fixtures that must be in place for the units coming off of the assembly line.

- Our engineers will be spending all day Friday, and over the weekend, tuning the impedance of the antenna.

- We assembled the KANOA Top Housing (top outer shell, button, and actuator spring).

We're estimating for the rest of our final components to arrive at FLEX early next week, and can't wait to start assembling KANOA right before your eyes.  From everyone, here at KANOA, thank you so much for your continued support, and we can't wait for you to experience what KANOA is all about.




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