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KANOA Progress Update

KANOA Progress Update

In an effort to be more transparent with you, we are proud to announce our Weekly Newsletter. We are committed to keeping you updated, every step of the way. Every Thursday, we will provide you unprecedented insight to what our company is doing. We are truly grateful the trust you have given us, now we are trusting you, and opening the doors of KANOA. 

Progress Completed This Week (9/23): 

Strategy for Antenna Configuration:

We received results from different antenna testing facilities, and are now honing in on what antenna works to scale for mass manufacturing.

KANOA Software Evaluation:

Our BT Engineer, Geoff, analyzed our software to ensure proper transferring of information, as well as look for improvements.

iOS App Final Development Schedule:

Our Product Manager, Lorenzo, laid out the KANOA app development schedule and additional firmware inputs needed for our developers to add.

REV1 (Pre-Alpha Test) Units Next Week:

Our US prototype manufacturer did not have access to charging pins, which caused a 1 week delay from having our REV1 units in hand today. (Orig. date was set for 9/23/16, now pushed to 9/30/16) The charging pins are the last piece needed to complete REV1. This does not affect our Spring 2017 timeline, and we are currently on track.

KANOA Tactile Button Firmware:

Defined button functionality parameters, Firmware Engineer (FW) currently integrating functionality onto current KANOA FW.

I/O KANOA Voice Features:

Audio prompts sourced and gathered for KANOA FW.

Resource Allocation Plan for REV2:

Created plan to acquire resources for REV2 units in the quickest timeframe.

Request for Proposal (RFP) from Contract Manufacturers (CM):

Sent out RFP packages to CM’s to determine best pricing option to begin manufacturing of KANOA.

CM Evaluation and Vetting:

We analyzed, in very close depth, different US Manufacturers to determine who has the best acoustic and RF capabilities to suit KANOA’s needs. While being exceptionally meticulous, we are narrowing down the options quickly.  

We're currently on track to begin shipping units in Spring.


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