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Made in America

Designed in the USA. Made in the USA.

Before we can explain why local manufacturing is better for you as a customer, we have to explain why it’s better for us as a company. Get ready because we’re going to pull away the covers on this and take the chance to be completely honest with you.

It’s difficult to not see “Made in China” on the bottom of every product, from children’s toys to iPhones. This is for good reason. China and other countries that are overseas can manufacture incredible products at an unbeatable rate. Here’s the reality of it all. Making a product and getting ready to make a product are two very different beasts.

We aren’t perfect. No one is. We’re people just like you. There will be miscommunication during the manufacturing process. It happens with every product. If a material is stretched a millimeter too thin, or if someone on the assembly line completes a step out of order - it could mean the entire line shuts down indefinitely. This a big problem, and the solution of the same magnitude would require someone from our team flying to China, driving to the factory, communicating via translator what exactly needs to be fixed and how. This process could take weeks. All at the cost of the customer.

We’ve said it in the past and we’ll say it again. We will always take the necessary steps to ensure we efficiently deliver the best product to you. In the future, overseas manufacturing may align with what we want, but the attention to detail KANOA requires means that we need to manufacture locally. Though it is more expensive, we are willing to cover the costs if that means a better product for you.

KANOA is based in San Francisco, California, and our engineers are based out of San Jose, California. Over 90% of our customers are within the United States. It makes complete sense to make KANOA, right here, in California. This allows us to have unprecedented oversight on the production every step of the way. We’ll be at the manufacturing line every day, solving problems, within hours as opposed to weeks, and ensuring that the highest quality product is being created. You have trusted us to make the best wireless earphones ever — we’re going to do exactly that.

RAB - RAF for State of the Art Sound Quality

Over the last couple of years, the best miniature driver available was the RAB. Most high-quality earbuds all currently use this driver. During the last stages of finalization, a new driver was released, the RAF. We wanted to provide our customers with the newest and highest-quality driver available on the market, so we quickly transitioned to the more powerful RAF. No other competitor in the market will have the RAF, which will provide KANOA unparalleled sound quality, greater efficiency and more internal space. This increase in internal space allows for a much bigger antenna providing the absolute best connection than any other product out there.

Manufacturing Stages still needed

  Alpha Test - EVT - DVT - PVT - Beta Test - Release - Ramp

It’s difficult to say when an individual customer will get their earphones, so we’re saying that:


We will take a first in, first out approach to all orders. Meaning if you were with us from the beginning, you will receive KANOA before anyone else.  


  We cannot be more grateful for you being part of Team KANOA. We believe open communication is extremely important with our customers. During this delay, we will do something that is unheard of from any company, in any marketplace. Unprecedented insight to what our company does every day. You will learn about KANOA’s journey in product development; from repetitive day-to-day operations to manufacturing, you will witness it all through our weekly newsletter and social media accounts.



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