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KANOA Wireless Earphones EVT Recap

KANOA Wireless Earphones EVT Recap

If you haven’t been following our updates, let me catch you up.  Currently, we’re at the product development stage EVT (Engineering Validation Test).  The purpose of this stage is to test and finalize all engineering components to ensure that the product performs to the exact specifications of the final product. Down below is our current timeline: 

R&D – Development – Prototype – EVT – DVT – RELEASE

We’re almost there!

For KANOA EVT, we wanted to test KANOA in real world environments. We pushed our earphones to the absolute limit, while also engaging in a wide-range of different stress tests. We analyzed every detail to ensure that all issues were brought to light and then accurately communicated to our engineering team for them to resolve.  The more bugs that we discover at this stage, means less you’ll have to worry about when the product is in your hands. 

EVT is where we get to hone in on the engineering of the product and how the internals function together.  Once everything checks out on the technical side, we are then able to proceed to the cosmetics touches during DVT (Design Validation Test).

Here’s what we learned from our KANOA EVT units: 

  • Charging Case (solved)

What we encountered:  We discovered that some of our tester units ran into charging issues due to the charging pins in the case not making solid contact with the earphones. This would leave some of our test units with inconsistent charging. We also encountered a minor problem with the security of the top lid.  Some times when the user would open the top, it would pop off from the case. 

How we solved this: The top lid serves as a primary factor for charging.  We reinforced the hinge so the lid will no longer pop off when a user opens the case. We then adjusted the lid and added a cushion inside to appropriately apply pressure on KANOA once inside the case.

Next was the issue with the contacts, we molded the internal plastic of the charging case by raising the surface area slightly to further conform with KANOA.  This, combined with the lid modification, creates the perfect amount of pressure to allow for a solid and consistent experience while charging. No matter how quickly you throw KANOA in its case, you can always expect a solid charging session.

  • Bluetooth Drop Out on the Left Earphone (solved)

What we encountered: We discovered an issue with the left earphone dropping out during testing.  We’ve noticed that the left earphone will drop out primarily in outdoor environments.

How we solved this: This was a huge hurdle that required extensive man hours trying to solve.  Our talented engineers analyzed the internals and beyond. We concluded that the primary issue was related to firmware. Once we identified the issued, we worked extensively to update the firmware, and now KANOA has no problem maintaining a solid connection both indoors and outdoors. See for yourself here

  • Comfort & Fit (solved)

What we encountered: Some of our testers said that long-term comfort was hard to achieve due to the length of the nozzle.  We also discovered that the length of the nozzle dampened the bass response and the overall sound quality while listening to KANOA.

How we solved this: We worked extensively on making KANOA’s overall shape even smaller.  We had to do readjust the components to make everything tighter, while also fine-tuning the driver.  The result of this adjustment led to a shorter nozzle, a smaller package, and a more powerful earphone that took our comfort and security to the next level.  Check out the improved ergonomics here

  • Decreased Performance Under Heavy-Use (on-going) 

What we discovered: When units were freshly built, they performed flawlessly. As we heavily tested KANOA, we noticed that sound quality, connection quality, and overall performance decreased over time.  After rigorous use, units lost some functionality and did not perform the same as when they were fresh. Our team of engineers are currently diving into the issue to specifically pin-point what is causing this.

We learned a great amount about KANOA.  At times, it’s quite difficult to critique something you’ve poured everything into, but we’re committed to creating a solid product with no shortcuts taken. Once this last issue is resolved in EVT, we’ll be able to proceed to DVT and then our release! We can’t thank you enough for your support throughout our journey, and we cannot wait for the next coming months to begin production.




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