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KANOA: The Start of a New Beast

KANOA: The Start of a New Beast

Happy Thursday Team KANOA! Things have been absolutely crazy here at HQ.  We have less than one month until we release, and there are a few things that we still need to do before then. As we gear our minds, and bodies, for the long hours ahead of us, we cannot be any more excited for June.

Like anything in life, careful planning is vital for success.  We're currently wrapping up Beta testing, and have begun laying down the foundation to prepare for the new beast ahead of us - mass production. 

Here's a brief overview of what we're currently working on:

  • KANOA is made up of 131 individual components.  We have currently sourced 70% of all final components that will be used for mass production. We are closely working with our manufacturer to source the remaining 30%.
  • Due to the complexity of our product, the production line must be extensive and capable of producing KANOA. We have begun preparation of our line, as well as exploring the most efficient way to handle the construction process of our earphones. 

  • We are currently allocating the resources, and equipment, needed for Quality Assurance. As the first few units come off the line, we need to be prepared to test the different components to ensure that our production process is performing optimally and that our earphones are free from any Quality Control issues.
  • The Tools that will be used to create KANOA are currently being cut. Not only is this a huge financial investment, but tooling allows us to begin mass production and transition from the prototype phase to a final product phase.
  • The final packaging of KANOA is currently being constructed. Once we green light the samples, we will then mass produce beautifully designed packaging to house your earphones, the charging case, and all other accessories. 

  • Lastly, manufacturing documentation is being reviewed. This process helps ensure that once KANOA is in full production, no issues will arise because it will all be accounted for during the review.

When creating a product, multiple stages overlap with one another. With less then one month until we release, the next steps are crucial to KANOA's success. We are at the finish line, but in order to cross, we must be diligent with our work, and ensure that nothing is missed. We have all hands on deck and a ton of coffee. We seriously cant wait to begin production and start sending units out to all of you!

Thank you for your patience and support. Time to show the world what KANOA is all about.




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