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Resource Allocation for Alpha Units & Validation Stages

Resource Allocation for Alpha Units & Validation Stages

Happy Thursday!

We are still analyzing the data from the RFP packages, and are narrowing down which contract manufacturer will produce your pair of KANOA wireless earphones. We are close to making a final decision, but a thorough analysis must be done to create your earphones with highest quality possible.

Alongside analyzing the RFP packages, we are shifting some of our focus towards creating EVT (Alpha) units. Some of you may have read our previous update about our REV1 Engineering Prototype units.  If not, you can read it here!  The purpose of REV1 was to see how our revised prototype functioned with our new and more powerful modifications.  With our latest model of KANOA, we are extremely focused on solving the key fundamental problems apparent in the industry today.  This is all in an effort to provide you a much better experience that is also stress-free.

The entire product development process. (credit: Ben Einstein)

We are currently allocating all the resources needed for our EVT Alpha Units.  In product development there are four stages.  Idea Creation, Design, Engineering, and Validation.  KANOA is currently at Validation, which can be broken up into five seperate but interconnected parts -- Engineering Prototype, EVT, DVT, PVT and Mass Production. I’ll explain more about this to you down below.

The Validation Stage and where we’re currently at. (credit: Ben Einstein)

Our REV1 (Pre-Alpha) units served as the engineering prototype.  This verified if all of the individual components can come together to form a functioning piece of technology.  We critically analyzed our Pre-Alpha units, in order to learn and apply key improvements directly to EVT (Alpha) units.

REV1 (Pre-Alpha) Charging Case

A first look at the EVT (Alpha) Unit charging case.  Fine-tuning is still needed.

EVT stands for engineering validation test and is the second stage of Validation.  In EVT (Alpha), a number of functionality tests are conducted to ensure you receive a product that lives up to the hype.  EVT (Alpha) allows us to test all of the technical specifications, while also verifying if all of the internals work. Once testing has been successfully completed, we can proceed to DVT (Beta). 

DVT stands for design validation testing.  This stage is similar to EVT but now our attention is focused on the appearance of KANOA coupled with full functionality.  We want to ensure that the cosmetics of KANOA match that of the final product, while also maintaining proper technical functionality with the materials and surfaces used.  Once DVT (Beta) testing has been completed, PVT will then follow.

PVT stands for production validation phase.  PVT puts the previous stages together and focuses on the actual manufacturing process.  This will be our first official production run, and will be crucial in pinpointing any issues that need to be addressed before mass production.  Once production is fully optimized, and we can verify that the PVT units do not have any issues, we will begin ramping up to deliver KANOA right to your doorstep.

As of now, we are currently allocating all of the resources needed for EVT (Alpha), along with reaching our contract manufacturing decision.  Day by day, we are accomplishing our milestones, and we are excited to see what the future holds. Thank you for your unwavering support through our journey.  We greatly appreciate you being part of the Team.





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