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Pieces to the Puzzle

Pieces to the Puzzle

Testing is one of the most crucial parts in product development.  Without testing, technical issues become very apparent and a faulty product is released into the world.  This past week, we've continued to spend long hours at the manufacturing facility analyzing every detail of the Alpha construction process.  Our nights were long, however, at the end of the week we were able to produce all of the internal components of the charging case, and a majority of the internal components of Alpha KANOA.

The one of the many work areas where we spent long hours visually inspecting and testing the components of Alpha.

Mark, Director of Engineering, meticulously analyzing the top housing to ensure it meets our exact specifications.

During visual inspection, we noticed that some of the boards, and flex circuits lacked durability and were slightly too flimsy. We had to address the issue right then and there because if ignored this would create a ripple effect of more problems later down the line.  There was no time to waste.  We did some minor rework to the board and flex, along with a thorough second inspection.  We studied the inconsistencies and adjusted the engineering documents accordingly to ensure that these issues would not effect us during mass production.

After doing some minor rework, we were left with tested and analyzed components ready for assembly!  The picture above depicts the internals of the KANOA charging case.

Here we have our long-lasting earphone battery, our reworked flex, and the acoustically perfect Knowles RAF Driver (left), along side the bottom housing of KANOA Alpha (right).

These are all of the parts we currently have completed.  Our pentagon boards are not pictured, but are finished.  We still have much more work to do.  Its extremely rewarding spending long hours on a product we love, but it's even more rewarding finding the solutions to the current problems hurting wireless industry today.

We understand that waiting is not easy; we're just as anxious and excited as you are, but we can't cut any corners when it comes to developing KANOA.  It would be a disservice to you in releasing a product with known issues, which is why we are doing things right to ensure you receive a product that is absolutely flawless. Everyday we are making progress, and in the end the wait will be well worth it. Thank you for allowing us to create KANOA for all of you. 

Experience the best. #GETKANOA



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