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KANOA & The Knowles RAF Driver

KANOA & The Knowles RAF Driver

We teamed up with Knowles to fully release all information regarding the extremely powerful RAF balanced-armature driver!  We hope you enjoy.

When looking for a pair of wireless earphones, most consumers believe sound quality to be the most important feature. Unfortunately, great sound quality means nothing if connectivity is poor.  As a company, we want KANOA to solve these key fundamental problems to provide you a product that not only has amazing sound quality, but a secure and reliable connection you can count on.

Christian Scherp, president of Audio at Knowles explains, “With the rapid growth of wireless products, the RAF Series provides the rich, premium sound consumers want, with the small size designers need to accommodate improved antennas for better connectivity, or larger batteries for longer operating life.”

The RAF uses a unique design to bring the terminal ports from the rear to the side of the driver. This simple, but complex shift maintains Knowles’ premium audio quality, while also allowing for greater space behind the driver, giving way for a larger battery and a much more powerful antenna. 

The low power consumption of the RAF helps preserve overall battery life, while providing longer operating times between charges.  Our team of audio engineers fine-tuned the RAF to fully maximize every bit of audio performance this driver has to offer. Tuning the firmware, acoustics, and the already great base performance of the RAF makes KANOA the only truly immersive audio experience. 

When dealing with KANOA's extremely small size, every bit of space matters. We hand-selected the RAF driver to utilize its premium audio, it's openness for a more powerful antenna, improved battery life, and an increase in overall performance efficiency.  

Technical Specs of the RAF

  • Sensitivity: 120dB SPL @ 1mW
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 25 ohms @ 1 kHz

For more data and technical specs on the RAF 32873-000 please visit Knowles.

We cannot wait for you to experience KANOA and the newly released RAF driver this Spring!  




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