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Progress Completed This Week (9/30):

REV1 (Pre-Alpha Units) + Charging Dock Assembled:

Our U.S. prototype manufacturer has been working hard throughout the week to create our latest iteration prototype. REV1 units are now complete. These units are vital during a contract manufacturing reset in order to retest the basic functionalities of KANOA, such as — audio transparency, audio features, firmware, software, and ME/EE testing to identify and resolve any assembly issues. Pre-alpha is not visually pleasing, but it is essential in proving our concept is, very much, a reality and brings us closer to our final product. Stay tuned for in-depth coverage and testing of REV1.

Here’s a glimpse of the KANOA charging case with keychain. We are currently verifying that all components of the charging case meet our exact specifications, such as — color temperature and transparency of the lid, usage of materials to create a soft touch feel on the inner cradle, scratch resistance and overall strength of the entire case. Every stage in product development takes time, and every accomplishment (big or small) puts us one step closer in releasing KANOA.

REV1 (Pre-Alpha) is aesthetically not how the final product will look like, but it’s truly amazing to see how much technology is packed into KANOA. To provide a size reference; the pentagon is the size of your pinky nail.

The space where prototypes become reality. 

REV2 Cost Breakdown and Manufacturing Quotes:

Cost breakdown for REV2 must be done, as we approach Alpha and Beta testing. We are exploring different tooling options to achieve the best results for REV2 to emulate the final units. We are awaiting final proposals from different U.S. prototype manufacturers that can handle REV2 unit quantities with the the least amount of error but with resonable speed to transition smoothly from REV1 to REV2.

Establish Monthly Component Quanitities for Production:

Calculations, forecasting and agreements are in place with suppliers to establish set quantities once mass production has begun.

Last Contract Manufacturing Tour:

We inspected our last candidate on our list of US Manufacturers for KANOA. We have sent a Request for Proposal (RFP) package to previous manufacturers and are currently awaiting in depth and highly detailed proposals in response. Manufacturers take anywhere between 2-4 weeks analyzing the RFP, establishing a plan of action, and providing pricing quotes, schedule and process propositions.


KANOA is currently on schedule for Spring 2017 release.


Thank you for reading our Progress Update! Stay tuned for more.  We are excited for what the future holds, and we are truly grateful to have you with us! Thank you to all of our customers who believe in our mission. We are extremely grateful for your patience and support.




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