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Step By Step

Step By Step

“I tested the ergonomics of KANOA during my trip in Yosemite. I wore them for 5 hours to see if any sore spots developed. None did, so… WIN!” - Ben Rueck (PC: @JeffRueppel)

Happy Thursday! Thank you to all who participated in our #KANOAGivesBack - FREE HAT raffle. You not only allowed us to get to know you better, but you are ultimately shaping the future of KANOA. The results have been sent to all participants. Please check your inbox.

RFP Packages Acquired 

This week, we’ve acquired revised RFP (Request for Proposal) packages from our contract manufacturing candidates. We have a lot of work ahead of us, as we must fully analyze the packages to ensure their vision for KANOA aligns with our own. You deserve a manufacturer that not only meets our high-expectations, but exceeds them with flying colors. It is our job to ensure that we find the most efficient manufacturer to construct your pair of KANOA wireless earphones.

The process of selecting a contract manufacturer is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. After all, it’s usually during the selection process that miscommunication can occur. This may result in small inconsistencies that pile up and create a misalignment between our vision for the product and the product that will be ultimately be made.

The best way to describe selecting a Contract Manufacturer is like creating a friendship with someone. We must first get to know each other and what each company brings to the table before we can move forward. This newfound relationship, in-turn, benefits both parties by ensuring stability, quality and the ability to deliver a great product to great customers.

Choosing a manufacturer is one of the longest lasting partnerships that we’ll create as a company. We are expecting to build growing quantities of KANOA earphones and additional products with them for many years to come. A number of concerns must be taken into account before selecting the right contract manufacturer. A number of contract manufacturers are incredibly skilled and well versed in consumer electronics, but some may be better than others.

Contract manufacturers come in different Tiers. Each tier loosely describes the capabilities of a manufacturer. Tier 1 conveys that they are a huge manufacturer of goods, with high revenue, high number of resources, and a high demand for their services. Tier 2 is in the middle — they are not as big, posses good resources, have a relative high-demand, and are extremely capable. Tier 3 may be the lowest bracket, but they can provide a high attention to detail, and may possess a limited amount of resources, which means we would need to outsource additional work to supplement theirs.

Each Tier has certain traits that make them extremely desirable, and we owe it to you to find out who is best suited to provide you the highest-quality product that is free from technical issues, while also being extremely efficient. A manufacturer from a higher tier does not always mean production will be better or worse, and it’s our job to determine who is best suited to produce KANOA from a variety of different factors. 

Cival is not amused at the amount of paperwork he has to review. 

 We wish all we had to do was look over quotes and determine which factory can make our earphones the cheapest, but that would be a disservice to you. This is a chess game, and we must determine who is the right fit so you are able to reap the benefits of experiencing a quality product. We are looking for a long-term partnership to ensure our customers receive the best pair of wireless earphones, and we are doing our due-diligence to make sure we do just that.

Long hours are ahead of us, and we will buried in paperwork, but this is a necessary step to creating an efficient relationship with our manufacturer. KANOA will not be easy to produce, and we owe it to all of you to make sure that every step we take is done properly. You deserve a company that heavily focuses on the betterment of the customer, and not just a company that rushes to put out a product. We are committed to you, and we truly appreciate your patience with us while we take the time to analyze the RFP packages. Once we’ve made a selection, you will be the first to know. 

Step by step, we are getting there. We are currently on schedule for our Spring 2017 release date! 


Meet our newest team member, Kyle!

“Adventure is worthwhile” - Kyle’s words to live by. 

Kyle is the newest member of our family. He was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan and has recently moved to the Bay Area. Kyle rides his Honda 919 motorcycle to work everyday, and gets to work insanely early. Kyle loves the outdoors, and loves to escape the city to enjoy nature. He has an extensive knowledge of Customer Relations, and is always happy to assist you in anyway he can. Welcome to the Team Kyle! 

Kyle (Customer Experience) and Lorenzo (Product Manager) are locked in.

Thank you for allowing us to create a product that will not only exceed your expectations, but will be well worth the wait.




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