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Big Decisions, Big Rewards

Big Decisions, Big Rewards

Giving back to our community of loyal supporters has always been a top priority in any company decision. The #KANOAGivesBack campaign was created to show you our deep appreciation as customers of KANOA. From day one, we’ve held a firm belief that you deserve the best — the best technology, the best quality parts, the best user-experience, and of course the best shipping rates possible.

In order to secure you the best shipping rates, we worked on every aspect of logistics. A multitude of factors must be accounted for when determining the cost of shipping KANOA directly to your doorstep. Dimensions of the package, size, weight, handling, storage, type of shipping package used, location of a majority of our customer base, and the postal carrier all play a crucial role in deciding the total cost to ship.

In a previous post on our facebook, you saw images of a baseline package design. With the revised Spring 2017 schedule, prototyping, analyzing the construction process, and conducting a thorough material analysis of the package had to be done. Basically, the shape was perfect, the weight…not so much. The different stages of the packaging was aesthetically pleasing, but not entirely focused on how you would interact with the components inside. Lastly, the materials required to construct the package in its entirety would promote too much waste and was not efficient when looking at a scalability standpoint. Think sexy coupe and not an all-terrain SUV.

Initial Design for KANOA packaging. 

As we began estimating the costs of shipping KANOA, we realized that shipping rates were much higher than we anticipated with our initial design. Different packaging options had to be examined to ensure KANOA would arrive at your doorstep in pristine condition at the best rate, in the shortest amount of time. We decided to cover the costs to show our customers our appreciation.

Through prototyping and taking the time to analyze for inefficiencies, a revised package design was created to provide a much safer shipping and handling process of KANOA. This revision allowed for greater efficiency in mass production, dramatic waste reduction, and a much more focused user-centric approach to the unboxing and design of the package.

How KANOA will arrive at your doorstep.

Current graphics are placeholders for final packaging. 

The internals of the packaging.

KANOA Accessory Book to keep all of your components neatly organized and stored.

No matter how small some changes may seem, they make a huge difference for the person that matters the most, you. At KANOA, we take the extra effort to focus on issues and find resolutions because the end result will mean a better product for you. We cannot thank you enough for your continued patience and support. Thank you for believing in our mission and our commitment to create the best wireless earphones in the world.






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