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Alpha Update & The KANOA Difference

Alpha Update & The KANOA Difference

When creating KANOA, we heavily focused on the features that mattered the most -- impeccable sound quality, reliable connection, and secure ergonomics.  

KANOA brings these central ideas together to form a product that is an end all solution to what is currently hurting the industry today.  The design, the approach and the unique components make KANOA truly special. To learn why, check out:

The KANOA Difference

All of the outer components of Alpha are set and ready for assembly!  Our goal for this week was geared toward the construction of the internals.  Here's the line where we spent most of our hours at.

The above photo shows a Siplace ASM machine creating our small, but powerful, KANOA Alpha boards.  The red lights in the middle of the ASM are actually cartridges that house all of the individual components to create our pentagon-shaped chips.  The ASM machine uses a special algorithm to accurately place the individual components at the right location.

After the ASM, this massive machine solders the individual components via bath, and locks in all of the components to the board.  The length of the machine also acts as a cooling line to ensure that once the pieces go through the bath, everything is permanently set in place.

Once the boards have cooled, Maria, our awesome engineering technician, used the Nordson Dage X-Ray Inspection Machine to verify that all of the components have been set properly.  This stage is crucial in determining if any irregularities are on the board, and the first step to confirm that the boards will function properly. 

Here's a first look at our Alpha boards! These boards may seem insignificant but they represent the very heart of KANOA.  All of the sacrifice, perseverance and countless hours that went into making these will be very apparent once you receive the final version of your KANOA earphones. We didn't just re-use easily accessible circular boards, we broke the mold and created a chip that not only possesses unique physical qualities, but also groundbreaking performance. 

We are working day and night to finish the rest of the internal components of Alpha, and once fully assembled, our Alpha testers will then rigorously critique our work. Beta testing will shortly follow, and then we fully gear up for Mass Production!

2017 is already shaping up to be a great year.

Thank you for being part of the Team.

Experience the best, Experience KANOA.



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