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First Look: Quick Demo of our KANOA Alpha Prototype

First Look: Quick Demo of our KANOA Alpha Prototype

Lorenzo, Product Manager and Co-founder, showcases our first fully assembled Alpha prototype! Our state-of-the-art components coupled with the our fine- tuned RAF driver has tremendously improved the overall performance in comparison to our previous prototypes.

During this demo, the volume was set at around 50%, but KANOA was already louder than most wireless earphones at max. The sound from our tiny earphones echoed throughout the room.  Even Scott, who sits about 15 feet away from Lorenzo, could hear KANOA blasting away.  We were absolutely surprised, and to be frank, ecstatic with the initial result. Our hands were trembling with excitement.  We have not experienced anything else like this in the market today. 

Throughout the week, we took our KANOA Alpha unit through its entire volume band, and even when KANOA was maxed out, it was still able to maintain crystal clear audio with truly excellent bass response. Finally, a wireless earphone that doesn't lose any sound quality for actually being wireless.  Our revolutionary, Made-in-the-USA antenna is the main reason for this lossless audio.  

This was the first fully assembled Alpha unit, and was done right here at Lorenzo's desk.  You can imagine the amount of pressure with 5 guys huddled around our engineer in complete silence. This Alpha unit is only a glimpse of what the final product will be like, and we honestly can't wait for you to experience true wireless audio the way it was intended...with KANOA.

This was just a quick demo -- stay tuned for more coverage, testing, and information about Alpha!  Everyday we are making progress, and we owe it all to you. Thank you for making this journey possible.  Together, we are making great happen. 

 Also, can you believe this song is over 15 years old?! 



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