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2016 Wrap-Up

2016 Wrap-Up

With New Years quickly approaching, we hope everyone has a safe and happy countdown.  We've made a lot of progress this past year, and what better way to symbolize this other than to illustrate the progress we've made together.

Our journey first starts with CSR development boards, along with our early KANOA prototypes (left) and ergonomic prototypes (right) that showed us our dreams were very much a reality. 

They possessed basic functionality, but we knew our wireless earphones could be so much more.  Improving upon this basic idea, we tested a wide-variety of different parts to ensure that KANOA will be made with only the highest-quality components available.

As we finalized our search for the most powerful components, we began to prototype.  This stage was called REV1 (Revision 1) Pre - Alpha.

REV1 (Revision 1) Pre-Alpha served as a revision from our initial prototype.  We improved the components, tested for basic functionality and measured performance, while also pin-pointing areas of needed improvement.

We heavily tested our REV1 (Revision 1) Prototypes.  We spent countless amount of days analyzing, critiquing, and scrutinizing our work because we knew that this would set the foundation for EVT (Alpha) and DVT (Beta). 

We are constantly learning from our mistakes, and we strongly believe that no flaw should go unnoticed when it comes to creating a product for you to enjoy.

As customers of KANOA, you are seen as family, and the product we release in Spring will be the absolute best pair of wireless earphones in the world.

Days at a time, we stay glued to our computers to prepare for the next stages of testing.  We may spend a lot of time in the office, but we are committed to providing you a product that will be well worth the wait. 

We may not necessarily be in a cubicle, but sometimes our view is of the same person 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

During this stage, we heavily focused on gathering the resources needed for EVT (Alpha). Lorenzo (Product Manager) and Henry (Program Manager) spent most of their recent days overseeing the manufacturing of Alpha.

Though seeing new progress is exciting, Lorenzo and Cival quickly regained focus to discuss plans for the remaining resources for Alpha, while also discussing conditions needed for testing.

Though we had to do minor revisions, we achieved an outer exterior that met the standards for Alpha. Here's a closer look of the Alpha charging case.  We hope you notice the improvements from REV1! 

We also created a little bottom housing army of KANOA (Alpha), and they look absolutely beautiful.

And here we provide you a first look at Alpha. The black top is strictly for material testing, as we are testing for the most durable materials to provide a product that is ready for whatever life throws at you.  Color coding and matching will be done in DVT (Beta), but we are ecstatic how Alpha is currently looking at this stage.

Everyday, every hour, every minute, and every second we think about how the final product of KANOA will be like because at the end of the day, we want to create the absolute best product for all of you because you are the ones who matter the most to us. From the top quality components to the intuitive user interface, we designed KANOA with YOU in mind, not the other way around. 

2016 was a great year, but 2017 will be even better with the release of KANOA. You deserve a product that not only lives up to the hype, but exceeds it.  EVT (Alpha) looks absolutely stunning, and the quality during this stage is much better than anything else we've ever seen before.  This will only get better as we approach release this Spring.

We cannot wait to deliver KANOA to the hands of all of you in the next coming months. Thank you for being part of our journey to make the best wireless earphones in the world. Together, we will make great happen.




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