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Testing the Ergonomics of KANOA

Testing the Ergonomics of KANOA

Have you ever wondered how good our earphones fit? Well meet Evan Raftopoulos, a Calisthenic Athlete from San Francisco, who is currently training to break the world record for the most muscle ups in a single set.  We asked Evan to put KANOA's ergonomics to the test during his insane calisthenics workout.

Evan was surprised with the small form factor KANOA offered.  He appreciated the customizable ear tips and silicone jackets because it provided endless options to tailor the comfort aspect of KANOA. For the test, Evan used the small silicone jacket, and comply memory foam ear tips. 

Evan was amazed at how well KANOA actually nestled itself organically within his ear. This is what separates KANOA from everything else -- comfortable and secure ergonomics with absolutely perfect occlusion.  At one point during our conversation, he interrupted us and said, "I can't hear a thing, you guys have to shout."

Evan started his routine with a variety of different pull-ups.  

Then proceeded to do 10 muscle-ups, ending it with explosive dips.

He then proceeded to spin around the bar into a front lever.

Here's one of Evan's sets.  KANOA had no problem staying in his ears throughout our hour long workout, even when he was at his sweatiest!  So, you may be asking what did he think about the ergonomics of KANOA?  

"I absolutely loved them!  These are unlike anything I've ever experienced before. I think the fitness community, and especially the calisthenics community, will really love them and could be useful for anyone looking for a really secure pair of earphones." - Evan Raftopoulos

We truly appreciate Evan testing our earphones!  If you want to see the more awesome content from Evan follow him on his Instagram @EvanRaft

Meet our newest team member, Scott!

Scott is the newest member of the KANOA family, and serves as our Director of Operations.  His role is vital to ensure that KANOA is produced with the highest quality and in the most efficient way possible. Scott brings over 30+ years of Operations experience and has worked with some of the most well known start-ups in Silicon Valley -- most notably, Tesla, where he was in charge of the electronic system manufacturing of all of the vehicles.

During the weekends, he loves to watch Football, or take a trip to Tahoe and enjoy nature. Scott brings a wealth of knowledge in start-ups, operations, supply chain management, electronics, product marketization, and product manufacturing.  With him on our team we know KANOA is in great hands.  





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