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KANOA Around the Office

KANOA Around the Office

Throughout the week, we've tested KANOA's connectivity under different scenarios. Like a science experiment, we created a control atmosphere where KANOA can function normally.  

Once we established a baseline, we then began to add or remove certain factors to see if a reaction will occur.  Seemingly insignificant things, such as being in an environment where metal is present can hinder or boost performance, and its our job to locate those factors to ensure KANOA functions normally in any type of environment.

During this stage, it's critical to notate any changes with connectivity.  These small details will assist us in creating an effective game plan to combat these inconsistencies, and create a truly enjoyable experience with KANOA. 

We're taking a very methodical approach in testing connectivity because without solid connection -- a wireless experience will not be able to exist.  If a certain scenario is overlooked, then the user (YOU) may experience a poor experience with our product, and we absolutely don't want that to happen.  With connectivity testing, our goal is to create a consistently amazing wireless experience no matter the occasion.

Lorenzo is spearheading the connectivity tests by developing different scenarios, identifying the key issues, and communicating that to our engineering team to resolve and implement into Beta.

Throughout the week, our engineering team has been busy modifying KANOA, as fast as all of the test data is coming in.  Long hours, late dinners, and tons of coffee have been fueling us, but with pure excitement in the air we have no intention on slowing down. 

Here, we have our KANOA Alpha Unit that we are using to conduct connectivity testing.  They are currently off, and have been fully charged in the KANOA charging case. 

Lorenzo proceeds to place the right earphone in his ear.

And...the left.

KANOA is currently not on and not connected to Lorenzo's iPhone.

To turn on KANOA, Lorenzo lightly presses the tactile button on both earphones. 

Once on, KANOA immediately connects to the iPhone.

Our favorite office album currently the soundtrack to La La Land.  If you haven't seen it yet, its a great movie. 

We repeated this process at our San Francisco office, as well as other locations.  During these tests, we notated and analyzed every minute detail within the environment to determine if anything can possibly interfere with the connectivity.  From there, we developed a hypothesis with a single variable, implemented the variable in our controlled environment, and began further testing to determine if our hypothesis was either correct or incorrect.  

Sometimes our hypothesis' are invalid, but for some, we are able to pinpoint the specific cause as to why KANOA is acting the way it is.  Though it may seem insignificant, everyday we spend testing KANOA, we get that much closer to ensuring that the final product will be absolutely flawless.

KANOA Alpha is essentially a new product, and the more time we spend with it -- the more we find out about its characteristics.

Thank you for being part of the Team.




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