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KANOA Alpha: What Is EVT, and Why Is It So Important?

KANOA Alpha: What Is EVT, and Why Is It So Important?

The term EVT is rarely used in daily life.  Some of you may be unfamiliar with what EVT actually means, and its significance within product development. To help define this, let me illustrate where we are currently at in our timeline.

EVT stands for engineering validation test.  This is essential in determining if all of the internal components function accordingly to the exact specifications of the final product. EVT acts as a final test for product engineering, and allows us to develop a product free from any technical issues.

The most important part of KANOA, besides its dashing good looks, are its powerful internals.  If all of the components within KANOA do not work cohesively the entire user experience will be thrown off.  During EVT, it is extremely important to discover any of these problems, so we are able to take immediate action to resolve the issue, and release a phenomenal product for all of you to enjoy.

Here's a video of me giving an in-depth look at our KANOA Alpha Prototype. 

The purpose of EVT is to test until all of the inefficiencies are brought to light. These can include:

  • Verification of all Technical Plans
  • Static Buildup / Resistance
  • Efficient Power Consumption
  • Operating System Performance
  • Individual Component Performance Within KANOA
  • User Interface Analysis
  • User Experience Analysis
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Logevity / Durability of Components
  • Stress / Real - World Testing

We're literally testing EVERYTHING because the more thoroughly we test KANOA now, means a better product for you in the end.  We're not taking any shortcuts because at the end of the day you all deserve the very best, and we made it our mission to provide you just that. 

Over the course of the week, we've been conducting initial tests of our Alpha units.  We've been going through the motions of KANOA's basic functionality, as well as reviewing all of the necessary product documentation to ensure everything is lined up perfectly once we begin mass production.

 Cival has been very critical when using KANOA, and believes that every single detail should be heavily analyzed.  His focus has been unfazed by his environment since he has been obsessed with pinpointing issues with Alpha.  He also gave another reason as to why he's been wearing KANOA so much around the office --

"Honestly...KANOA seals my ear canal so well and muffles external noise that I just don't want to listen to any of you guys talk. I'm literally in my own world. Haha"

Our team is 100% committed to all of you, and we understand the level of importance EVT holds.  Thank you for being part of our journey to make the best wireless earphones in the world.  Stay tuned for more coverage of Alpha, and be sure to follow us on all social media platforms @ getkanoa




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