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KANOA EVT Prototype Preliminary Testing

KANOA EVT Prototype Preliminary Testing

This past week, we've been busy going through the motions of assembling KANOA Alpha.  We carefully followed and re-analyzed the build documentation that our manufacturer will receive during mass production. This stage acts as a preliminary test and ensures that we are able to create KANOA in mass quantities without any error.  

Our pentagon boards are inside these individual packets to reduce static and to keep everything well organized.

 We had to manually construct our flex circuits to bring all of the individual components of KANOA together.

When reviewing the documentation, we began with assembling the charging case.

Assembling the charging case seemed like a breeze when compared to the assembly of our earphones.  With KANOA's extremely small size, all of the individual components must be properly placed, as free space in KANOA is virtually non-existent.

We spent long nights, with multiple shifts, at the office -- building, analyzing, and scrutinizing every little detail of KANOA.  Our diets consisted of lots of coffee and Clif Bars.

Working with KANOA, we are always shocked at how small the internal components truly are.

After long hours, it was time to turn on KANOA Alpha.  The blue light indicates KANOA powering on.

KANOA connected to our iPhone effortlessly and began to play music. Check out the bottom of the screen.

Here's a look at our first Alpha unit that we assembled a couple weeks back.  You can see our quick demo: here!

 Here's our properly assembled (with no tape) Alpha Prototype with our medium silicone jacket, nestled into the KANOA charging case. Absolutely, stunning.

Here's a photo of me using KANOA while listening to Arctic Monkeys.  During my initial test, KANOA maintained a solid connection, crystal clear audio, perfect occlusion, and a really comfortable fit.

Over the next few weeks, we will be conducting a wide array of different tests ranging from firmware and connectivity to stress and durability.  This is all in an effort to provide you the absolute best product imaginable, and from our initial tests, its quickly turning into a reality.

Thank you for your continued patience and support, and above all, thank you for being part of the Team.




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