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KANOA EVT Prototype Connectivity Demo

KANOA EVT Prototype Connectivity Demo

If a pair of wireless earphones had poor connectivity, would it still be considered wireless?  We don't think so. 

Perfect bluetooth connection is vital to a truly exceptional wireless experience. We focused on the three features that mattered the most -- premium audio quality, comfortable and secure fit, and perfect bluetooth connectivity so you experience absolutely no drop outs while listening to KANOA.

Achieving solid bluetooth connection between one earphone to your phone is quite easy.  We've been doing this for years with normal bluetooth headsets.  However, the real challenge comes along when we begin adding another connection from one earphone to the other, while simultaneously maintaining a strong connection to your device.  Not only does the connection need to remain constant, but minimizing any audio loss has to be accounted for as well.

We couldn't use any of antennas that were currently out in the market because the performance wasn't anything spectacular.  We developed our antenna from scratch, and thankfully, we did it right. The antenna performance with our latest Alpha prototype has exceeded all initial expectations, and has been performing wonderfully over the last couple of weeks.

Environment heavily dictates how bluetooth signals operate.  For example, being indoors can dramatically boost bluetooth signal strength because of its ability to bounce off solid surfaces.  The opposite applies to outdoor environments - since there is less surfaces for the signal to bounce off of, connectivity tends to suffer.

When creating our antenna, we studied heavily on bluetooth and how it behaves in different environments.  We wanted to ensure that no matter what environment or activity you do -- KANOA will always stay connected and play incredible audio for you to enjoy. 

The video below showcases our KANOA Alpha's connection strength in an outdoor environment. We were able to reach ~55 feet before the signal dropped between KANOA and the connected device. 

We've been testing the hell out of KANOA Alpha, and have been blown away by its performance.  Taking the time to do things right, though it's not easy, is really paying off during these test, and we can't wait to continue putting KANOA through its paces.

Thank you for being part of the Team. 




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