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KANOA EVT Prototype Sound Demo

KANOA EVT Prototype Sound Demo

This past week, we've been testing the sound quality of KANOA Alpha in a wide-range of different environments.  When testing, we focused on how well does KANOA perform under long periods of time to determine if there was any correlation between heavy usage and degradation in overall audio quality.  We define heavy usage as:

  • Engaging in various types of intense physical activity.
  • Using KANOA until its battery is fully depleted.
  • Short bursts of activity with the goal of depleting the battery as fast as possible.
  • Frequent off / on use
  • And more...

So far, KANOA has been performing incredibly well, and the sound quality has not been affected by our initial tests.  Phase 1 of bug reporting has been submitted to our engineering team, and they are currently working hard to solve all of these minor issues before Beta.

Premium audio quality is incredibly important to us.  We wanted to bring you behind the scenes during our initial audio tests, and if you've ever wondered how do our Alpha units sound -- watch as I give you an audio demo in our latest video down below!

We are fine-tuning all KANOA Alpha's components, and with every product development stage completed; KANOA will only continue to improve. From careful testing to working closely with our engineers, things have been extremely hectic here at KANOA HQ.  Even though times may be stressful, its all part of the process in developing the very best pair of wireless earphones in the world.  

Thank you for being part of the Team. 



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