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Identify, Fine-Tune, and Shock the World.

Identify, Fine-Tune, and Shock the World.

In order to create an amazing pair of wireless earphones.  We must first humble ourselves, and realize that our product is not perfect.  Our game plan with Alpha is simple -- identify minor issues, resolve them, and put out a final product that the world would absolutely love. 

A common issue we found when testing our Alpha prototypes was the length of the nozzle.  Some of our testers found it to be slightly too long, and even though this made KANOA extremely secure within their ears, it made long-term comfort difficult to achieve.  

After thorough audio testing, we were also able to determine that the length of the nozzle dampened the bass-response, and if your listening preference is anything like ours, you love hearing rich-bass throughout your songs. This made our decision easy, adjust the nozzle to not only improve comfort, but increase the overall sound quality, so you can enjoy a better final product.

We brought these issues, and more, to our engineers during Phase 1 Bug Reporting.  We discussed how these issues could be solved and what type of outcome we were looking to achieve with these adjustments. The task of shortening the nozzle wasn't as simple as one may think because it would cause all of the internal components to shift by millimeters, and since KANOA is incredibly small, a millimeter can have a huge impact to its overall performance.

We first shifted the internal components, and from there, we made minor tweaks to KANOA's dimensions to account for this shift.  Though these modifications are hard to distinguish, we vastly improved KANOA's ergonomics by adding slightly more pressure to the key points from within your ear. 

After adjusting the dimensions, we then moved on to the RAF driver and the modification of the nozzle.  We wanted to be extremely precise with our measurements, as the length and the diameter of the nozzle can heavily influence sound quality.  Our team of talented engineers, shortened the nozzle length, increased the nozzle opening slightly, and fine-tuned the RAF to produce the ideal sound that our customers would enjoy.  We not only increased KANOA's audio performance, but we finally were able to achieve the perfect balance between secure fit and long-lasting comfort.

Making these minor adjustments within a few weeks is unheard of, but we strongly believed that pursuing these changes would vastly improve our KANOA Alpha Prototype to the next level and the results have been absolutely astonishing.  

Here's a list of what improved from the slight modifications we made:

  • Increased Comfort 
  • Increased Security
  • Smaller Overall Dimensions
  • Decreased Weight
  • A More Flush Ear Profile
  • Improved Audio Occlusion
  • Improved Sound Quality, and Bass-Response
  • Increased Stem Durability
  • Increased Overall Durability

We truly appreciate all you being part of the Team. Thank you for your patience and support. We can't wait to shock the world together.




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