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Down the Checklist

Down the Checklist

Happy Thursday Team KANOA!  We've been extremely busy working alongside our manufacturer to get KANOA out as quickly as possible.  Plenty of long nights are ahead of us, and the excitement of having the finish line within reach makes all of our 12+ hour workdays totally worth it (coffee helps too).


In this weeks update, we wanted to provide some background information about our contract manufacturer - FLEX.

Founded in 1969, they have been the leading manufacturer of new and exciting technology over the last 48 years.  With their long history of manufacturing complex electronic products, they've built quite the reputation of being one of the best manufacturers in the world to work with.

Some of you may have never heard of FLEX, but we're positive that you've interacted with one of their products at one time or another.  As of right now, FLEX produces around 90% of all wearable technology in the U.S. Market.  This positions FLEX as being the second largest consumer electronics manufacturer in the world!

During our selection process, we received a ton of interest from extremely capable manufacturers.  What distinguished FLEX, from the others, was their willingness to work alongside us to produce a premium quality product for all of you to enjoy. They loved our earphones and aligned perfectly with our vision for the future.


The KANOA Line.

What we particularly sought from a manufacturer was the ability to not only produce our earphones, but also have the desire to partner up with us for decades to come.

FLEX usually works with bigger-name tech companies who are well established in their own respective markets. The fact that they showed tremendous interest in us, so early on, was a thrilling experience. With their state of the art equipment, and deep access in manufacturing resources, we are confident that KANOA is in excellent hands.

We have no intentions of slowing down, and are anticipating things to get even busier. Here's an update on some of the huge milestones we've accomplished this past week:

- Our KANOA PCB boards are finished, and electronics components will be placed and mounted via SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) Machine. This machine perfectly places tiny components in a blink of an eye, so that it can be permanently sealed onto the board.

- Production tooling has been completed! Plastic mechanical parts are being reviewed for production readiness - in other words, plastic KANOA shells and components, here we come!

- Final packaging for production units has been completed! We literally did the review last night, until midnight, and the packaging turned out beautifully! We're expecting the first lot of boxes to reach our facility next week to accompany final units.

- FCC Certification Testing has been completed and KANOA has PASSED with flying colors!

Everything is lining up perfectly, and we are just going down the checklist until KANOA is in the hands of all of you.  Luckily, we've warned our loved ones that they're not going to be seeing us for awhile.  Time to show the world what a small San Francisco start-up is capable of! 





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