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First Look: KANOA Hardware Video and Alpha Construction

First Look: KANOA Hardware Video and Alpha Construction

Currently at this stage of Validation, we are creating EVT (Alpha) prototypes.  It has not been easy developing KANOA, but we are approaching an actual solution to the current problems plaguing the industry today.  The video above offers you a behind the scenes look on what specific challenges we overcame when constructing your pair of KANOA wireless earphones.

You deserve a product that acknowledges the shortcomings in the wireless industry, rather than just ignoring them.  When constructing KANOA, we wanted to ensure that the final result would be something we can give to a member of our family. You wouldn't offer a loved one an item that you knew wasn't the best, would you?  We wouldn't either. With this mindset, we ingrained the idea that bringing a product to market with known issues was something we did not want to do.

With your unwavering support, we were able to stay true to our morals and develop a pair of wireless earphones that will exceed any and all exceptions.  Here, we offer a first look at the construction of EVT (Alpha) prototypes. 

A little army of KANOA EVT (Alpha) prototype charging cases. 

Cival meticulously inspecting the materials used to construct the case.

A close-up look at the bottom housing of KANOA Alpha.  

Lorenzo (Product Manager), Cival (CEO) and Andrew (Product Development Manager) discussing the game plan for Alpha construction and testing.

Please keep in mind that the photos above are just prototypes.  After EVT (Alpha) testing has been concluded, we will then undergo DVT (Beta), and then Final Mass Production.  Final KANOA units will be significantly better in terms of aesthetics, performance, and overall build quality; in other words, if you like what you see currently -- just wait until the final result! 

Thank you for reading our weekly update, and above all, thank you for your support throughout our journey.  Everyday we are making progress, and together we can make great happen.





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