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With the holidays quickly approaching, we wanted to give something back to our community. Thank you to our amazing athletes who made this video special, but most of all, thank YOU for making KANOA what it is today.  This video does not only symbolize the freedom and pursuit for a limitless future, but represents the immense struggle we overcame and the unwavering support we've received throughout our journey.

The opportunity we have in creating a pair of wireless earphones is something we do not take lightly.  We are working endlessly to ensure that KANOA will be everything you envisioned, and then some.  As much as we want to release a product quickly, we also want to make sure that the product we release will be something that becomes an extension of you, just like you are to the company.  You are not only our customer, but you are part of the team; better yet -- part of the family.

This video is a visual representation of what we created together, and we cannot wait for what the future holds because -- together we will make great happen, together we will thrive, and together we will be KANOA. 

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