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Dear Motorcycle Riders -- Yes, KANOA Works With Your Helmet.

Dear Motorcycle Riders -- Yes, KANOA Works With Your Helmet.

Happy Thursday Team KANOA!  We’ve been getting an enormous amount of inquiries on whether or not KANOA will work in windy conditions or under a motorcycle helmet. In this weeks update, we discuss the ins and outs of KANOA's unique ergonomics, and just how versatile our earphones are.

Kyle, Creative Experience, rides his Honda 919 every day, rain or shine.  One of his biggest pet peeves with wired earphones is one crucial feature -- those damn wires!  If you're taking off your helmet, there's a good chance your earphones are coming with. 

If you’ve ever worn wired earphones while riding a motorcycle, you can understand the struggles that riders face. Situations such as, the wire snagging on the tank, the wire moving uncontrollably in the wind at highway speeds, earphones becoming loose the moment you put your helmet on, the wind noise makes your favorite song sound like a staticky rendition, and the list can go on, and on, and on. I think we can all agree -- wires suck.

KANOA is a solution to the common problems motorcyclists face.  Many of our users had concerns about the Bluetooth connection while wearing a motorcycle helmet, so we decided to put it to the test.

We used two variations -- a full face helmet and a half helmet. The ride was from Berkeley to KANOA HQ in SF, right across The Bay Bridge.  We did a loop to test both helmets, and the ride takes about 25 minutes each way at an average speed of 40-70mph depending on traffic. The device we used was a Galaxy S6 with the operating system Android, running Pandora. The phone was in the left front jacket pocket fully zipped up.  

At first, Kyle was hesitant on putting his full face helmet on with KANOA nestled his ears.  Once he found the right angle to put on his helmet, KANOA had no problem staying in.

During the test, we had no issues with connectivity.  We found that wearing the full face helmet actually boosted the connection strength. In both cases (full / half) we experienced no dropouts while on the bridge. Typically, bluetooth signals need solid surfaces to bounce off of, but being on a bridge in the middle of the ocean, proved to us just how good our antenna performance was.

KANOA did a great job at isolating wind noise at highway speeds.  Wind noise is difficult to counteract, and we were thrilled that KANOA helped minimize this. There was no annoying 'woo' sound, and the audio was crystal clear. 

Kyle's closing remarks on using KANOA while riding a motorcycle :

"It's feels amazing to be able to ride without any wires.  Something about it feels natural, easy, and truly free. Riding a motorcycle already is a freeing experience, but having great music to go along with it -- you're just flowing. One of my biggest pet peeves that KANOA did an amazing job at was isolate the wind noise, while also being aware of your environment."

However, KANOA is not perfect. Here's a list of the pros and cons we encountered during our test.


  • No connection drop outs / solid connection
  • Comfortable under the helmet
  • Stayed secure throughout all of testing
  • Great fit to help isolate wind noise


  • No button functionality, unless you have a half helmet.
  • Learning curve on how to put a full face helmet on to prevent KANOA from falling out. 

We're absolutely fired up on how well KANOA performed during our tests. KANOA is so much more than just wireless earphone, but it's an extension of who you are and your lifestyle.  Whether its working out, riding a motorcycle, or even studying -- KANOA makes your everyday experience absolutely exhilarating. Thank you for being part of our journey.





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