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Nate & Saj Visit KANOA HQ

Nate & Saj Visit KANOA HQ

If you've been following our updates closely, we gave out an invitation that other companies wouldn't dare give out -- we opened our doors, and invited all of our pre-order customers to come visit KANOA HQ.  

You, the customer, are everything to us.  If there was an opportunity to meet some of you, there's no better way than to meet you where we spend most of our days -- at our office. We didn't care too much about hosting a meet and greet at some fancy location; we wanted you to be in the thick of it, and experience what KANOA is really all about.

The purpose of these office visits was to not only meet some of our earliest supporters, but we wanted to get their feedback during these final stages in product development. Nate and Saj were the first customers ever to use our wireless earbuds, and their feedback was crucial in understanding how we can improve the user-experience before we launch.

Nate helped us tremendously with the out of box experience (OOBE).  We wanted to see if a user could essentially "plug and play" without reading any instructions. Nate provided excellent feedback throughout his thought process, and with his feedback, we realized that there were gaps that needed to be addressed with KANOA's OOBE.

He then proceeded to demo a pair of our earphones, and provided excellent feedback on KANOA's highs/lows, and where he believes we can improve upon. Cival and Nate spoke about the technical details of the product, and shared an incredibly in-depth conversation about the mobile app.

Here's a brief excerpt of Nate's experience at KANOA HQ:

"Cival and I started to dive into the mobile app which was probably my favorite part of the visit. We got to discuss the UI/UX aspects of the app, and I gave feedback where I could...I'm super excited to see my KANOA Wireless Buds this coming June. Our product is in the hands of some creative and smart individuals!"

Saj was the other customer that came by to visit. Our goal with Saj was to understand the user-experience with KANOA's audio. We quickly realized that because KANOA offers a unique and extremely secure fit, there is a slight learning curve on putting them in the for the first time.  After we demonstrated how to put KANOA in, he quickly became a pro and loved the comfort and fit.

Saj was impressed with the audio quality, and gave us feedback on what minor things he would like to see implemented for the final product.

Here are some of his thoughts about KANOA:

"The sound quality was really good. I usually use an around the ear headset, and the sound from these little guys surprised me. I used the small size cover and the fit was comfortable and EXTREMELY secure feeling. Although I only had them on for a short while I think wearing them for hours would not be a problem. Most importantly the people I met there are all really passionate about what they are doing. Keep up the good work." 

It was a great experience meeting Nate and Saj, and we can't wait to meet more of our customers! Check out the video below to see a recap of their experience.

 The demand to come by and visit has been extremely high, and we're doing our best to accommodate everyone. If you're ever in San Francisco, and want to schedule something please reach us at:


Thank you for the continued support, and above all thank you for being part of Team KANOA.




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