Happy Thursday Team KANOA! We've been incredibly busy this past week, and we're happy to announce that BETA has now been completed! Taking the time to develop KANOA properly (without taking any shortcuts) has allowed us to develop a pair of earphones that not only exceeds the standards we set when we first began our journey, but also create something you will love and be proud to own.

Our team has now shifted its entire focus on production. We're estimating that units will be manufactured and will begin shipping towards the second half of June. We have an incredibly stacked and exciting month ahead of us, and we can't wait to show the world what Team KANOA is all about.

No matter how excited we are for the future - we have to remain grounded, roll-up our sleeves, and work like we've never worked before. You believed in our mission from the very beginning, now it's time for us to produce KANOA for all of you to enjoy.

Here are a few of the main things that we've accomplished this past week:

  • We have begun FCC product compliance testing. The FCC is a government entity that ensures a product is safe for consumers to use. KANOA must follow strict guidelines and be deemed safe by the FCC for consumers to purchase and use within the US and globally.
  • We have begun PCBA Production for our final units. In other words, those unique and powerful pentagon circuit boards that house KANOA's innovative tech is currently being manufactured and prepared for mass production.
  • Tooling for KANOA has begun. These tools will be used to mass produce all of KANOA's plastic components.

With the completion of BETA, and the hard work from our engineers, we've finally achieved the level of performance we envisioned for KANOA from the very beginning. It has been a long road, and through all the ups and downs - we are closing in on the finish line.

Thank you for your patience with us throughout our journey. You allowed us to stay true to our morals while we create our dream pair of earphones - now it's time for these blue pentagons to take over. Thank you for being part of our community, and making KANOA truly special.




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