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Assembly of KANOA EVT

Assembly of KANOA EVT

When we first started our journey, we had one goal -- to create wireless earphones that not only looked stunning, but had the performance to match.  We started from an idea, to early prototypes, then REV1, and now we are here creating Alpha prototypes. 

The photo above depicts an Alpha bottom housing, with a prototype top housing.  Since then, we've tested the individual electrical components, material durability, and created all of the components from scratch at our USA manufacturing facility.  

Here's one the many machines we used to test the electrical components of Alpha. 

Our engineering tech, John, assembled the flex, battery, and RAF driver within KANOA's bottom housing.  This process is extremely intricate and time consuming, but it is vital to ensure proper battery operation and sound quality. If the driver, the battery, or flex is off from its optimal location, the entire user experience will be thrown off. 

"KANOA Ear..." Can you finish the rest of the text on the flex circuit?  Here are some of John's finished units.  The gold plated charging pins allow for maximum safety and conductivity to provide a constant and even charge. 

We started with a prototype top housing in order to test different materials to determine what material is the most durable. It was a long process, but we've finally found the ideal material to protect all of the powerful internal components of KANOA. The top housing will be lightweight and extremely resistant to damage. You may notice the off shade of blue -- we are testing different color coating options, as this material takes color very differently than conventional plastic.  Don't worry, the final product will be flawless and color coated correctly!

Here's a snapshot of the top housing and bottom portion of KANOA. We still have a few more components to finalize and install, but everything is coming together rather nicely.

Scott, Director of Operations, inspecting the bottom portion of KANOA right after assembly.  He was impressed with the materials, the aesthetic, and the overall quality.

Here's our beautiful KANOA charging case -- inspected and ready to go!

Assembly of Alpha is reaching near completion. We are truly grateful to have you part of our journey, and we can't thank you enough for following us to make the best wireless earphones in the world. Working long hours may be tough, but seeing everything come to fruition and your excitement makes every single day worth it.  We never forget who we're doing this for. Stay tuned for more updates.  Thank you for being part of Team KANOA.





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