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Happy Thursday Team!  

It has been a busy, yet exciting, week at HQ.  The team has been traveling all over The Bay Area working towards the release of our earphones. The feeling of seeing everything slowly take shape, and knowing that KANOA will soon reach all of you, is absolutely surreal.  Everyday, we dedicate ourselves to the development of KANOA, and through all of the ups and down, we never gave up. 

As of late, the team has never been more motivated then they are right now.  This is why we started our journey.  We wanted to create, assemble, and send all of you a phenomenal product that you'd absolutely love, and every day we're getting closer to our goal.  

In case you missed our live updates from Instagram and Snapchat, no worries - we got you covered.  At the end of this update, we'll have a compilation video from the day, as well as a full video with MUCH better video quality.

Here's what we have accomplished this past week:

- In case you missed it from last week's update, the impedance tuning of the antenna has been completed.

- The assembly line is now set-up, and our line is currently filled with individual KANOA parts!

- Assembly instructions have been finalized for production, and today, our assembly technicians reviewed and went over the procedure on how to build KANOA.

- Firmware was uploaded on our PCB boards, as well a Crystal Trim to ensure proper frequency outputs.

- The last of our components have arrived at FLEX today, and assembly has official begun!

Being able to say this to all of you is extremely emotional.  To some, it may not seem like a huge milestone, but to us, we see it as an achievement that we were able to accomplish together.  Through it all, we had your support, and we truly appreciate it each and every day.  We still have plenty of work ahead of us, but being able to announce that assembly has started is an incredible feeling.

Currently, we're at a crucial stage in KANOA's Product Development.  This is the first time KANOA is being produced in a full production run, and a pivotal moment, where we begin to transition away from prototypes to an actual final product that'll be in your hands and ears.  

After every step in the assembly process, we test the components to ensure that our technicians, and our instructions, are accurate and scalable for once we fully ramp-up. There's nothing more heartbreaking than building hundreds, or thousands, of units just to find out something went wrong along the way.  We definitely don't want this to happen, especially at this stage.  Our engineering team has carefully implemented a methodical approach to minimize production issues from happening later down the line. 

Now, I know many of you are wondering, "When are you going to release?" Well, we consider Mid-July to fall anywhere between the 10th and the 20th.  We're estimating, if everything goes smoothly, that units will be coming off the assembly line, packaged in boxes, and begin shipping out towards the 20th.

Long days and nights are head of us, as we strictly focus on the assembly to release KANOA. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to create your wireless earphones, and we can't wait to share with everyone our creation.




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