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Reach New Heights With Ben Rueck

Reach New Heights With Ben Rueck

Community means everything to us here at KANOA.  Since starting our pre-order campaign, our community has evolved into something special. KANOA was not created for one ideal person, but it was engineered for people from all walks of life.

Meet Ben Rueck, a professional mountain climber and loyal KANOA customer. Ben was born in Ioma, Colorado and fell in love with climbing when he was first in college. Since finishing his Bachelor's, he dedicated his life to the sport and now travels the world in search for the next great climb.

Ben first found out about KANOA through social media.  He instantly fell in love with us and strongly believed in our mission. Immediately after placing his order, he reached out personally to see if he could help us in anyway. The rest is history, and we're grateful to have him be part of our journey.

We had the opportunity to learn more about Ben, and what drives him to go beyond his limits. 

What is your most memorable sporting moment and why?

My most memorable sporting moment was when I finished a two year project.  It was the first of its climbing grade for me at that point in my career.   Gutless Wonder (5.14b) taught me about perseverance, patience, as well as acceptance. 

What is your favorite workout and/or practice?

My favorite workout practice is the rings.  They are diverse in how I can train my body– core, power, and stamina. 

Where is your favorite event location and why?

My favorite event location is being outdoors on bigger walls. The freedom from the normal routine is perfect for finding focus and pushing personal limits.

Do you have one goal you still want to achieve before you retire?

Over time I have learned that when a long term goal is reached another one will eventually takes it place.  I am striving to push and find my limits within the sport of climbing and that is good enough for me right now.

What's your favorite song, or songs?

I have a few favorites that motivate me in the morning.  I listen to Gym Class Heroes’s ‘The Fighter’  as well as Volbeat’s ‘Lonesome Rider’.  In general though I circulate my playlists to fit specific moods- either rock, rap, hip-hop, or instrumental guitar.

What is the scariest moment during your career so far?

My scariest moment was when I pushed to get the first ascent of a traditional route I’d named Pure Pressure (5.14a R).  The route was rare and incredibly dangerous.  Due to the nature of the climb if a cluster of gear placements no larger than the width of my finger failed I would have hit the ground– which I almost did several times.  The potential was incredibly high considering the stone itself was soft and had a tendency to break.    

Here's the insane video of Ben Rueck tackling Pure Pressure. Enjoy! 

Thank you for being part of the Team.




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