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Meet Thomas Scaccianoce - Rising Jet Ski Athlete

Meet Thomas Scaccianoce - Rising Jet Ski Athlete

We had the honor of meeting KANOA athlete and Pro Jet Skier - Thomas Scaccianoce two weeks ago when he stopped by HQ. Tom was in the area getting ready to compete in a Freestyle Big Air Jet Ski competition a few hours south of SF.

It was an awesome experience to learn more about the growing sport of Freestyle Jet Ski riding. You could really see and feel Tom’s passion for the sport. He's traveling all around the country hitting competitions and making huge impacts in the Jet Ski world.

While Tom was here, he was able to try out the KANOA EVT units and provided us constructive feedback for our team. He had wonderful ideas for future generation features and really expressed interest in a completely waterproof unit.

Check out his waves from earlier this year at West End Jones Beach in this epic video! Peep how high he goes! Simply unreal.

We also hit Tom with a few quick fire questions below.

KANOA: What is your most memorable sporting moment and why?
 Winning 2015 Surf Slam Big Air. We drove 55 hrs to an event that I was the underdog at and came out with the win!

KANOA: What is your favorite workout and/or practice?
Favorite workout place is in my local gym to stay conditioned and healthy when not riding.

KANOA: Where is your favorite race/event location and why?
Daytona Freeride in Florida since there are tons of friends there and it's a low-stress event where everyone just enjoys the sport.

KANOA: Do you have one goal you still want to achieve before you retire?
Yes, I would like to obtain an IFWA World title.

KANOA: Do you have a favorite song, or songs, to listen to on KANOA?
Nothing in particular, just can't wait to be able to listen to my music while riding.

KANOA: What is your favorite pre and post event meal?
Favorite pre-event meal is a well-cooked egg breakfast and post meal is always some good Mexican food.

KANOA: If you could only take 3 things to a desert island what would they be?
My jet ski, gas and some extra parts because I break everything!

KANOA: What is the scariest moment during your career so far?
Almost getting washed out to sea on a break down back home.

KANOA: What's the best advice you could give to anyone wanting to go professional in your sport?
Do whatever it takes to hit your goals. There are no excuses! If you want it you will get it and just don't ever talk down to yourself.



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