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Explore the Heavens with Jae Dillenger

Explore the Heavens with Jae Dillenger

Jae first captured our attention with his passion for Skydiving. He continues to push the limits in the sky with a cheerful attitude that embodies the KANOA lifestyle and brand.

High altitudes jumps are in his blood. His grandfather was in the 101st Airborne during WW2, and was a total stud. During Jae's early life, he admired the paratroopers in the local airshows that he watched. It was only natural for him to feel at home while skydiving.

His home drop zone is right outside of Tampa FL, in the world famous Z-Hills AKA Skydive City. Jae maintains razor sharp focus on improving his jumping skills. He has big plans for Skydiving in South Africa with some of his friends and wants to continue spreading the beautiful gift of body flight with more people.

We hit Jae with a few questions to learn more about him -

Describe the feeling of skydiving in one word.

If you couldn’t skydive, what passion would you pursue?
Hmmm, I'm a bit of an actor, so I'd probably pursue that more.

What’s your biggest fear?
The biggest fear, tough one, I suppose it's a bit of a culmination of not being able to skydive, and wasted time. I say that because I'm absolutely in love with what I do, and time/days are expensive because when you spend a day, you have one less to spend. There is a wild sobering reminder in that to spend your time wisely. Knowing that is kind of scary to me, but it's easier to live the life you truly want, that way. Stay Woke! Haha

What type of music do you listen to?
I listen to all sorts of music, except Country! I love Reggae, Rock, Metal, and that filthy Trap music!

What’s your go-to song before a big jump?
I don't have a "go to song" before a big jump per se. I prefer to concentrate and meditate for real. Find my inner peace, when your mind tends to race some. 

Favorite music concert and why?
My favorite music concert would have to be my first, hands down! Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers! Probably bc it was my first concert, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is good chill music. 

What types of workouts are ideal for skydiving?
I train a lot, not bc of skydiving, more so bc I've always trained in life with other sports, and College, but for Skydiving specific I would say training all aspects of your body is a good idea, esp core training. I do a lot of everything for real, but I love weight training. I have learned to love interval cardio (LOVE being used very loosely) haha. I just love to train my body, outside of the wind tunnel and skydiving. Embrace the journey, progression, and learn to love your inner action figure!!

What’s your dream place to skydive?
Dream place to skydive for me is going to have to be plural! Haha, Dubai all day, the Palm, and the desert; next would be Hawaii for sure! Headed to South Africa for 2 weeks to end of the year for a skydive trip/tour, then Dubai after if all goes well........so that's a dream come true!


You can follow Jae here to see more epic photos and videos of all his jumps! 


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